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Bereavement/Grief Counselling

After losing my daughter and her partner in the Boxing Day Tsunami I sought help from a psychiatrist, who prescribed antidepressants and sleeping tablets, and a psychologist who treated me with light therpay. There was minmal benefit. I then had a reading with a good medium. Before the reading I did not believe in life after death and was absolutely amazed by her descriptions of me and my family members in spirit. I can only describe it as a spiritual awakening. For me, the hour I spent with her, was far more therapeutic than the those spent with the psychiatrist and psychologist. That is why I consider having a reading a form of bereavement counselling. Later I too was given the gift of mediumship and use it to help  others in distress.

My readings bring comfort, guidance and messages from your loved ones in spirit. The readings enable me to offer insights into troublesome situations whether they arise from soured relationships, career setbacks or financial stresses – insights that could suggest new ways of approaching old problems with rising confidence and the comfort that flows from positive engagement. I act as a channel through which to send and receive love, healing and comfort from loved ones. I seek guidance and direction for those in grief or in despair.

My Services

Clairvoyant/Psychic Reading

I am very fortunate that I have been given the gifts of being both a psychic and a medium. I use these abilities to communicate with my spiritual guides and helpers, who will provide you with the advice you are seeking. My psychic abilities allow me to communicate the advice I receive regarding any personal matters that are troubling you, be they related to work, health or relationships.

I am available for one-to-one psychic or clairvoyant readings at my home just outside Norwich in Norfolk from April to December and Cape Town South Africa from January to April each year. I also do readings telephonically via a land line or Skype. I have found that I can do readings over the phone/Skype to any country, and they are as good as face to face readings. If you do not have access to Skype, I will cover the costs of landline calls. International callers are welcome. Readings cost £40.00. Payments can be made on this website via Paypal in any currency.

Spiritual/Universal Healing

As well as being a clairvoyant medium I am an universal/spiritual healer. I perform hands on healing at my home in Norwich, Norfolk, and can send absent/distant healing again via Skype.

Both forms of healing are very relaxing, soothing and pleasant experiences.

I was trained and registered through the Lincolnshire Association of Healers which is an affiliate of the British Association of Healers (BAHA).

Universal/spiritual healing complements my previous work as a medical practitioner.

Healing sessions cost £20-00

Terms and conditions:

Callers must be 18 years of age or over. Psychic mediumship is not an exact science. What you do with the guidance given is entirely your choice.


Angelique is a deeply caring and sympathetic medium and spiritual healer, who provides clairvoyant and/or psychic readings at her home in Norwich, Norfolk UK and Cape Town South Africa or via a land line or Skype.


Clairvoyant/Psychic Reading
Spiritual/Universal Healing


Telephone: +44 7771982552 (Norwich UK)

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