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Maria Avery, King’s Lynn, England

Angelique captivated all of the clients at my Pamper Evening, with such positive feedback, I shall definitely be booking her again for my event next year.

Christine Miller, Ely, Cambs, England

This experience was deeply spiritual and personal. I was initially quite nervous- not knowing what to expect. I had never been to a medium before and wasn`t sure I could cope but when Angelique approached me, I became calm and at peace. It was wonderful to hear messages and words of encouragement from my two dear friends whom I had lost some time ago and unfortunately never had a chance to say goodbye. The way Angelique described them was incredible; what they wore, what they used to say to me, gifts they had given me.. it was uncanny but also it was a release from the daily stresses and a wonderful rejoining at the same time. Thank you so much for this experience- I shall always treasure it.

Anne Fullelove, London, England

I had a reading with Angelique towards the end of last year after a difficult time due to health problems. The first 2 contacts were with people who were very recognisable. Reference was made to an accident prior to my brother’s death of which few people are aware, this was uncanny and made my hairs “stand on end”. Childhood memories of shared activities were spot on and also his hobbies were specifically identified. The readings were supportive and encouraging in nature and I would definitely use Angelique again for another reading in the future. Thank you.

Susan Lay Lambert, Snettisham, England

This is my second reading with Angelique, the first time I was looking for guidance on something that had been bothering me for a while. I am so glad that I went as I was guided in the right direction. The second visit was just after I lost my beloved mother, I came away feeling extremely comforted knowing that my mother is still with me. I can’t thank Angelique enough, she was very caring and reassuring in my time of need. She is blessed with this unique gift and has helped me and many others!

Caroline Keir, King’s Lynn

Thank you for the reading. You gave me. so much hope in my life and I feel so much better knowing you are there. I am so happy I found you when I did. Our paths were meant to cross.

Jeremy Holmes, Norfolk

Angelique has taken part in a number of Mind Body and Soul events hosted by us at The Chequers, Feltwell, Norfolk. I have personally received two readings which I found to be highly accurate with amazing detail. Attendees seem to be drawn to Angelique and have requested further readings. I have witnessed highly charged emotional scenes and heard very positive reports from friends who also have had readings

Danielle Grief, Norfolk

I saw Angelique in May of 2015, 6 months after my best friend died tragically. From the moment I walked in Angelique was warm and welcoming and there is absolutely no denying the ability to comfort and heal with messages from loved ones who have crossed. I have in the past, been sceptical but open and definitely believed in “something”. Some of the personal things Angelique passed on to me were utterly undeniable and very personal and unique to me and my best friend, there was tears and laughter on my part and one day I will visit this wonderful lady again. My husband is a total non believer and even he was shocked at some of the things I had written down during my time with Angelique. A remarkable woman with a truly beautiful gift to give.


Rianette Van Rensburg, Cape Town, South Africa

I have just come across the notes I took at my reading with Angelique almost a year ago. Most of what she told me came true, but not at all as I expected! Quite amazing to to look back and reflect upon the past year! Magical! X Rianette

Alessia Viljoen, Johannesburg, South Africa

I have been to many intuitive healers, psychics and mediums in the past twenty years. Angelique is the first earth angel that has provided me with accurate information. I was able to connect with deceased loved ones that other healers were not able to connect to. It was a profound healing experience and I am eternally grateful for Angelique’s unconditional love and assistance.

Tessa Ziegler, Johannesburg, South Africa

Even though I have had a couple of sessions with other mediums in the past, I was astounded by the relevant and wonderful messages that Angelique was able to give me, even though we were separated by a continent and were on the telephone. She informed me that my daughter would be having a bonny boy which proved to be perfectly accurate, that my late brother whose presence was clearly evidenced by the most appropriate of symbols was watching over us and gave me a message for my daughter from a dearest friend who had passed so unexpectedly.

Angelique has always had a psychic gift but is now able to show her immense talent and use it to bring insight, support and clarity to people needing confirmation and comfort from ‘the other side’.

Andrea Milwidsky, Cape Town, South Africa

I was profoundly lucky to have met Angelique and have a reading with her. Although I have had other readings by excellent psychics I have never had the experience of being so closely connected to anyone who has passed over. Through Angelique I was able to say good-bye to a dear friend who passed away. It finally allowed me to be at peace about his untimely passing. Angelique works with love and grace and I have been fortunate enough to be touched by her extraordinary gift.

Nikki Temkin, Johannesburg, South Africa

Angelique’s reading was very accurate and gave me affirmation and permission to concentrate on my health and on my family. Her messages from my grandparents and friends resonated with me on a deep level and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to have a reading with Angelique.

Abby Nurock, Johannesburg, South Africa

Yesterday I had the most incredible experience connecting to my loved souls that have passed over, thanks to the help of medium, Angelique. I have regained positivity and lightness of being, knowing my loved ones are ever present and still with me. Thank you thank you.

Mandy Ginsberg, Johannesburg, South Africa

Angelique provided me with a reading that enabled me to receive messages from three of the most significant women in my life & her messages & images were undeniably accurate. Such gratitude for being a powerful channel between myself & these woman, most significantly my late mother who communicated through you invaluable messages of love & words that will facilitate towards my healing!

Tessa Nurock, Johannesburg, South Africa

The powers of ”psychic angelique” have been very evident to me for many years . I have had readings done several times and each one has been very illuminating and comforting.

The messages have always been very pertinent and relevant, sometimes with useful answers that guide and provide clarity.

Her innate gift and honed ability to receive messages have been quite astounding at times.

Whether the sessions have been done over the phone or personally, the results have always been clear and helpful.

I can highly recommend her.

Nad Abib, South Africa

Thank you for the session last night it was amazing. I am blessed to have heard what I did and I will definitely be making contact with you for another reading


Leonora Kruger, Munich, Germany

It has taken me many years to pluck up the courage to have a reading as I was scared, nervous and did not know what to expect. What a pity I waited this long!

My reading with Angelique was such an uplifting experience affirming accurate and detailed information relating to relatives, friends and incidents from my childhood which provided the necessary guidance I needed at a strategic time in my life. The experience was so overwhelmingly positive, I arranged a second reading with Angelique.

Angelique provided much needed comfort, reassurance and deep compassion during each reading and I cannot thank her enough for the wonderful messages and validation she brought forth from my loved ones.

Zama Nkosi, Munich, Germany

I guess like many others I was reluctant and admittedly skeptical to try a medium or psychic because I wasn’t sure if it would be real or of any value to me. Angelique guides you through the whole reading, I didn’t once feel uncomfortable.

The things/memories she shared with me are things that only I or close family members would have known, her accuracy can be quite unsettling but her advice and interpretation of certain things is so heartwarming and left me with hope and clarity.

Angelique is the real deal, she’s professional, she’s honest and above all she’s sincere!


Claire Smidt, New York, USA

The reading that Angelique did for me was so wonderfully warm and unexpectedly accurate. She managed three incredibly meaningful and goose bump forming ‘communications’ for me (over the phone no less) that left me feeling a combination of emotions. I was so moved and felt incredibly peaceful and privileged to have had the connections.

Given her extraordinary personal circumstances of someone who has experienced the most difficult of personal loss, it was all the more poignant and touching. She is gifted with an astonishing talent that is mesmerizing. I was very surprised at the level of detail and accuracy she managed to convey in such quick succession. It left me speechless – in the best way.

I can’t wait for the next call! I would highly recommend a reading for anyone wanting clarity, some kind of evidence and/or message from those in the spirit world. Angelique is nothing short of an inspiration.

Diana Valencia, New York, USA

Angelique is absolutely amazing. She helped me a lot with deciding where I should go to school and how I should approach certain fears I’ve had surrounding school. She’s very insightful and a role model. I’ve learned so much from her. Her intentions are pure and her readings are powerful. I will always come back to her for advice. Speaking with Angelique is a treat. And trust me I’m going to treat myself again.

Prof Mark Rittenberg, UC Berkley

I cannot thank you enough for the intelligent reading you did for me when you connected with my beautiful daughter Annais. your love and cafre came through with information that I found to be healing and reassuring–so much so that you shifted my life from unbearable to the beginning of acceptance. Your gifts are amazing and I thank God that I was directed to your door. You are a very rare and talented human being who is also full of compassion, generosity and humanity.


Angelique is a deeply caring and sympathetic medium and spiritual healer, who provides clairvoyant and/or psychic readings at her home in Norwich, Norfolk UK and Cape Town South Africa or via a land line or Skype.


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